Rioters in the Mist

Dance Dance Revolution

When we awoke, the children were gone.

I checked on their tent and all I found was blood everywhere, mottled hair littering the ground. I grabbed the nearest Vistani and shook him, shouting about the children. His bleary eyes and choice of headwear (an overturned pot) told me that he was too hung over to be of any help.

Who — or what — could so brazenly enter this encampment and whisk away two children?

The party gathered outside the children’s tent and noticed tracks and a deep groove leading through the encampment and to the north west. We had to follow them. But we had to prepare.

The people offered us talismans against the wolf spirit. They wanted a hefty price, which Pak paid. I am not so trusting. They looked like junk, so I just slipped one away from the merchant’s pack without him noticing. Better to be safe than sorry.

As we followed the path, we eventually came across an abandoned wagon. It looked shady and we probably should have taken a bit more caution, but we waltzed right up to it and opened the door.

I don’t remember what happened next. A loud noise, heat, light, and pain. Lots of pain. When I next awoke, there was a crater where the wagon once stood. The nausea that plagued me since drinking the Mother’s Milk had disappeared, thankfully. Somehow, Pak had managed to save us after the wagon detonated. Lesson learned — check for traps.

Or… lesson not learned. We made our way to the tower and, once again, Pak gave the door a good knock. Lightning arced off the tower and struck him. He hit the ground with a thud. The sound of wolves in the woods drew near.

We noticed symbols on the door of the tower, which ceased its electric crackling. They looked like a dance.

So I danced.

Immediately a blue dragon appeared, landing on the ground in front of us. My heart raced, and shouts from Watts and Mal came from behind. They wanted me to stop dancing.

But if there’s anything I know, it’s that when a scary creature doesn’t want you to go somewhere, that’s exactly where you need to be going. I wanted into that tower.

And plus, don’t dragons usually mean there’s a hoard of treasure nearby?

Watts was taken down by the beast rather quickly. I started to doubt my resolve. What if this didn’t open the door? What if we all died here?

Mal finally popped out from his hiding place and stalled the dragon some more. I managed to finish the dance depicted on the door’s carvings.

The dragon disappeared! And the door to the tower opened!

I whooped with glee, but Mal wasn’t as pleased. As we stabilized our party members and dragged them into the building, he gave me the most murderous look. I made sure my dagger was easily accessible.

Once inside the tower, the door closed behind us. Trapped. But safe?


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