Rioters in the Mist

The House in the Mist

Pak hit broom

Pak open box. Pak DONE! Can GO HOME! NO! Box is GONE! There is mist. Shay there. NO BOX! House. Mist. Kids. Kids? Some other guy there too. Shay know him. Pak think he can brak him like dry stick, he so small. But he seem OK. No Brak little man.

Talk to kids. Ask us clear monster in house. Monster in BASEMENT! Don’t kill little brother. Kill Monster maybe go HOME. To BOX! And TREASURE. And HOME! Kids make Pak feel weird. Get away from them and KILL monster.

Go House. First Floor. No Basement. Clean. Too Clean! Look like expensive house. Must be FAKE. No Monster. Must kill monster. Big sword on wall. Who wants sword? Not Pak! Pak Use AXE. AXE is BEST. Leave sword for little thief.

Open Door. Pak bravely attack fierce wolf. NOT WOLF. Wolf head. On Wall. Brak wolf head, then wolf head fix SELF. Pak not happy. Find room with food. Pak will show THEM! Destroy little room with FOOD. Little Room fix itself. Pak sad. Shay finding lots of good stuff.

Second Floor. No Monster. Boring Room with books. Little man like books. Pak Found Silverware. Shay open little room, find boring treasure. Books. Little man seem happy. Pak bored. Where MONSTER?

Third Floor. Dusty. Not CLEAN! Pak poke little suit armor. Armor poke BACK! YES! Pak Fight Armor! Then little man KILL ARMOR WITH ONE TOUCH! Pak worried! Pak rest after fight. Hurts. Go back third floor, find baby crib MOVING by self! Find Mom!. Mom is GHOST. Pak attack, then little man KILL GHOST WITH ONE TOUCH. Pak worried about little man. He tougher than he LOOK!

Still on third floor. Pak open broom closet. Make joke about broom when BROOM ATTACK PAK!. Broom hurt Pak, and little man (I should call him Wat as show of respect) kill broom with one touch AGAIN! Need find BASEMENT. Find MONSTER and go HOME!


Ryrok jkline